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Individual Session (Parent Therapy)

Building co-operation and connection with your children

What is Parent Therapy? 

Parent Therapy is a part skill, part therapy process. Parents who want to bring up their children to be confident, emotionally adjusted, resilient,  self-relliant, responsible, and sociable may find themselves facing problems with developing these skills and values in their children along the way. 


Parent Therapy offers parents an opportunity to advance their parenting skills and examine the factors that are hindering their ability to show and model desired values to their children. The therapy process will also help parents to explore any issues experienced in their childhood that are impacting their ability to help their children develop self-reliance, cooperation, and self and social confidence. 

Parent Therapy is suitable for prospective parents, parents, and those who are in the nurturing roles in a family system. 

Parent Therapy at Koira



Session Length

50 minutes


At our clinic space in Varsity  Lakes


Rebates available for 

Private Health Funds (check with your fund)

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