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Personalised Psychotherapy

for you

How Individual Therapy can help you
  • regulate and reduce anxiety

  • reduce depression and increase hope

  • adjust to major life changes

  • better manage stress

  • process grief and accept loss

  • identity and accept our emotions

  • process trauma from our past, and disconnect it from our present day life

  • break worry cycle

  • reduce over-reactivity and aggressive responses

  • increase self-acceptance and self-care

  • improve our relationships and adopt healthy boundaries

  • find our voice and communicate assertively

and more .....

Individual Therapy at Koira
Mark & Jerodine
Session Length
50 minutes

At our clinic space in Varsity Lakes

Rebates available for
Mental Health Treatment Plans (Medicare)
Private Health Funds (check with your fund)
Koira Psychology Individual Therapy Logo
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