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Group Therapy

Connecting with your community

What is Group Therapy?
Group therapy offers a unique opportunity to build community, explore your needs, share your experiences, offer support to others, and develop strategies to combat many different problems. In fact, studies show that group therapy is just as effective as (and, in some cases, even more effective than) individual therapy.

Groups consist of 5 to 9 members and 1 or 2 therapists. Groups meet once per week at a set time, with meetings lasting 1 hour and 45 minutes. There will be people in the group with different backgrounds, of different ages and presenting problems. 






What to Expect in Group Therapy?
A process group is typically ongoing. This means that members will begin and leave at different times. When people do leave is a matter of individual judgement, as to when they feel they have got as much from the group as they can, or for another reason. We recommend however that in order to give the group a chance to be effective potential group members should plan for a minimum of one year.
Who is Group Therapy for?
Group sessions revolve around members openly sharing personal issues that they are facing. Members talk about their experiences throughout the week and their responses to these events, or they can talk about past events that have impacted their lives this week. Participants are encouraged to explore how their experiences might relate to the issues raised by other members or by the group leaders. Other members are then able to react, give feedback, encourage, offer support, or share their thoughts and feelings with the group. Giving and receiving feedback in group can help everyone increase their awareness of maladaptive patterns of behaviour, change points of view, and encourage more constructive and effective reactions. In this way, group can become a laboratory for practising new behaviours and adopting new perspectives.
Group Therapy at Koira

We currently run a therapy group every Thurdsay morning.
Contact us if you wish to learn more and see if this group is suitable for you.
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