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Koira Psychology

Connection & Change

At Koira we help individuals, couples, and families who are experiencing psychological distress and inter-personal conflict to re-connect and change.

Why Therapy?

If you are stuck, you need help. If you have problems with relationships, our emotions, our behaviours, our memories, and our thoughts, you can seek help through therapy. At Koira we can help you get 'unstuck' and solve these problems.


Therapy is about healthy relationships, belonging, growth, healthy boundaries, caring for yourself and caring for others. Therapy is not just an exchange of ideas and the learning of coping skills. At Koira we believe that the theraputic alliance (the relationship between therapist and client) is the most important aspect of therapy. The alliance is what allows change, healing, and growth to occur. 

"Therapy helps break the patterns that dominate our lives and, through interactions between the therapist and patient, allows us to construct very different ways of relating to others"

 Michael Puett & Christine Gross-Loh

How to pronounce Koira

Koira means dog in Finnish

Finding Koira

Koira Psychology is located inside of  the Wellshare Health Space in the WOTSO building at 194 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes.

This is the street view of Varsity Parade. 




































Koira is on the ground level of the Wellshare Health Space, next to Varsity College, and Coral Homes at WOTSO. 

Once inside the Wellshare, Koira is to the right of the health space.

Your practitioner will come and greet you to invite you in for your session. 

By Car

You can access visitors parking at the basement carpark of  WOTSO.  

You will reach Koira Psychology by taking the elevator/lift to the ground level, walk toward the building cafe, and head to the Wellshare Health Space.


Street parking is also available. Nearby businesses include Coral Homes and Varsity College. 

Koira Psychology Clinic in WOTSO
Koira Psychology Location

By Bus   

Bus Routes 750, 760, and 765 run on Varsity Parade.


By Bicycle 

You can access parking spaces for your bicycle. 

Koira Psychology Clinic in WOTSO

To reach Koira, there are several transport options:

NOTE: When using Google Maps on Apple iphones it might be best to use 'Wotso' as the entered location. Some of our clients have been mislead and found themselves at WebNinja!

Connect with Koira


@Wellshare in WOTSO

194 Varsity Parade, 

Varsity Lakes

Queensland, 4227



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